Thursday, September 04, 2008

ye olde blog?

You have been re-directed to the now dormant design blog, in case you were looking for my blog....its an invalid idea.

it was good having your support and your readership, with good luck I shall see you soon.



Friday, July 29, 2005

nice hairdo ....what do ya say?

my logo and some designs

leader of the free world???

ripping and burning cd's my style
(c) pradster

hmmmm dunno what to call it
(c) pradster

this is my
(c) pradster

a nice oriental style wallpaper
(c) pradster

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

what?? Posted by Picasa

you have seen this on my blog Posted by Picasa

more graffiti Posted by Picasa

a new cover for the st. anger album by mettalica Posted by Picasa

what do u think? Posted by Picasa

my first cd Posted by Picasa

andy warhol did somebody say? Posted by Picasa

hmm Posted by Picasa

love sick Posted by Picasa

logo for my non existant record co. Posted by Picasa

this is called empyness click to get the whole picture Posted by Picasa

graffity Posted by Picasa

logo designed for a client Posted by Picasa

back of a T-shirt designed for my college graduation Posted by Picasa

ferrari got nothing on me...:-) Posted by Picasa

a movie title...made inhouse Posted by Picasa

looks cool Posted by Picasa

a wild Posted by Picasa

a sincere request Posted by Picasa

a cover for my project Posted by Picasa