Friday, July 29, 2005


Anonymous neha said...

looks cooool .

hey cant u make the four blocks on the picture animate ? try

2:21 AM

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4:15 AM

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11:30 PM

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3:31 PM

Blogger Gordon said...

Like your stuff--especially the Japanese wallpaper deal. Me? Just tripping through a few blogs to see what I can find. My blog's pretty straight-edged: No art, no nothing, just words, long rows of words, rows of words that sometimes go nowhere at all, that's all. Live in a strange place in a strange country that is getting stranger all the time. Keep on keeping on, dude. May the force or whatever be with you.

6:58 PM

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4:24 PM

Anonymous Paavani said...

Its cool Just like you Pallav 2 kool!

BTW you have pretty good design sense.

9:02 PM


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